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Python leather handbag

A genuine python handbag is a product of considerable distinction. This type of skin, in our opinion, can be considered the most sophisticated and exquisite of all the exotic leathers.

Python skin is known for its color variations and for its elasticity; it is the warmest leather of the season and ideal for the manufacture of many luxury goods.  You simply must try it for yourself!

A spirited and eye-catching leather which will never be in any danger of seeming dull or unoriginal in look, but which, at the same time, enhances the elegance and refinement of every woman.

Our inspiration for this line of handbags comes from a wish to convey the feelings of security, protection and indulgence. These are indeed the characteristics that every woman looks for when choosing the best bag to accompany her during the day: it’s not so much the model that is the most important criteria, as those feelings of exclusivity and refinement that we experience when displaying our new accessory.

As well as being a joy to behold – thanks to the infinite tonalities, shadings and plays of light that it’s possible to create on this leather given its excellent absorbent quality – it’s especially the feel of this leather that vanquishes every doubt: let yourself be pampered by the gentle and delicate caress of the snake-skin. Soft and smooth on your skin it is not just a wonderful tactile experience but also melts away tension, freeing you from inhibitions and stress; what is more, its extraordinary contact with your skin restores your good humour and love of life. All these wonderful attributes are only guaranteed by the softest, finest and most prized leathers of exceptional quality, such as python.

Despite its apparent delicacy, python leather is extremely resilient, becoming a sort of investment over time, since it gains in beauty and prestige with the passage of time. Not only does the leather become softer and for this reason, able to shape itself more exactly to the model of bag, but its scales open naturally, highlighting the natural pattern of the animal.  There is no doubt that a python skin bag improves with age, and instead of its natural beauty fading over time, it is perfected, so that we can appreciate the true beauty of this prized skin only over the years.

There is a huge range of colors of python skin available to create a great variety of handbags and accessories, from the simplest and elegant styles, to the most elaborate and original models.

Particularly irresistible is the effect produced by the hand-dyed python leather, a more complex finishing process that gives the leather a more refined aspect. It undergoes a special coloring process, or rather is skillfully painted: expert artists carefully hand-paint the skin to achieve this very particular decoration technique. As every python skin is individually hand-painted, no one bag made from the leather will be the same as another. The final polishing of the leather gives it its pleasing sheen.

The Gleni brand, both at production and distribution level, offers a wide range of handbags and accessories made of genuine python leather: items as precious as jewels, which last forever beside the person who wears them, because the leather itself is carefully selected and tanned by the most renowned Italian tanneries, to guarantee prestige and elegance.

Tuscany and its surroundings, is the central point where the most important and world-renowned tanneries of exotic leather are situated, distinguished for their high-tech and innovative development at the production and tanning phase, and ever-increasing ability in terms of original proposals and artistic design.
The goal of these companies is to create leather suitable for manufacturing the most exclusive leather goods in the world, without any compromise being made in the production process, using the best possible techniques that technology puts at their disposal.
These are the most important of Gleni’s suppliers, allowing us to give birth to an enchanting, amazing and high-class product.

When such a perfect material is modeled by skilful Italian artisans – real masters who hand down their secrets and techniques generation after generation – it’s impossible not to end up with a real “jewel”, where every single detail is meticulously finished, so as to perfectly satisfy every customer’s need.

The natural qualities of python skin give us the possibility of making all different sorts of bags, from small evening bags to larger and more capacious ones. Among all the varieties of python, you are bound to find just the right one for your life-style and budget.

Our python handbags are extremely well-finished and elegant, perfect for the sophisticated and youthful woman, who wants to feel attractive and confident in every situation, thanks to the many color combinations and tonalities that make the item irresistible. Since there is nothing left to chance, not only do we care about the external aspect of the leather, but also the inside of the bag has to be impeccable: according to the model, the lining can vary from velvet to cotton to wild pigskin, mixed with synthetic materials to make cleaning easier..

Every single python handbag is designed by well-known, prestigious designers, who take into account the needs and aspirations of women, without compromising on the style and pure elegance of their creations.

Luxury python skin handbag
Each exclusive bag from our collection is created with a particular type of woman in mind:

  • classic python handbags suit a sophisticated, cultured and elegant woman, who prefers a classic and comfortable handbag, which makes her feel confident and at ease in every moment of her life;

  • fashion python handbags are also sophisticated and prestigious but they have been created for a youthful woman, who has a dynamic and modern style but still wants the elegance which characterizes our brand. Our fashion python handbag line includes the newest and most original handbags from our latest collection, made from the softest leathers in the most innovative colours, from light and subtle to bold and bright;

  • wide and practical handbags, which are perfect in every situation, for a day out shopping or for work. They are capacious and very comfortable with plenty of room to accommodate everything a woman needs for peace of mind and ease;

  • a professional line of briefcases and professional bags in python leather, useful when you have to organize important documents or certificates. By creating this professional line, we have combined elegance and practicality, so that every woman can look refined and sophisticated at work too;

  • small handbags and evening bags, made in small dimensions to suit special evenings, meetings, ceremonies and for every event where elegance is a MUST! They are embellished with pearls, gemstones, small chains and buckles and celebrate the utmost refinement of our products and their perfect manufacture!

For every personality, Gleni has the exact match for your needs, proposing a wide range of handbags and accessories made of genuine python leather for you to choose from:  a handbag made to measure for you!

Guarantee: The manufacturer attests that this item has been made from genuine python skin, imported under adherence to the international laws which protect the species under the control of CITES (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

In addition to the great variety of python leather – from Reticulatus to Curtus and Molurus-Bivittatus – Gleni also provides its customers with a wide range of colors so that they can customize their accessory, turning it into their dream handbag.

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