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The craftsmanship is therefore a cornerstone of many Italian products which guarantees uniqueness and perfection in detail.

The art of the Italians is in beauty, wrote the poet Khalil Gibran. To separate the image of Italy from the concept of beauty, indeed, would be difficult. Italy is a superhero of aestheticism: as its superpower the ability to create beauty. That is not to say, however, that this superpower is something superficial, because we do not speak of utility and futility. We speak of the concept of beauty applied to that of value.

Beauty is the dividing line between banality and ingenuity, creativity and the mundane, the distinction between something useful but nameless and something useful and original. The universe of Italian fashion and luxury is known and renowned throughout the world. This microcosm of beauty begins with the idea that profit can unite with the beautiful and that from this union are born true works of art, fragrant bouquets of colors, velvety cocktails of materials.

Speaking of fashion, we remember the words of the famous designer Roberto Cavalli: "It often falls in error to consider Fashion as something too frivolous and superficial rather than a form of art. Yet it has nothing to envy in other disciplines. In a collection they mix colors, ideas, dreams, projections, emotions, like a film, music, or a painting. If we want to exaggerate, even an evening dress has its own architecture."

To dress is no longer seen as a mechanical and necessary act, but as a kind of ritual that leaves nothing to chance, the result of research and sensibility. In the universe of fashion it is not only about clothes. Often what makes the difference are the accessories. Bags, shoes, belts, wallets enrich and make unique and special the looks for both male and female, because fashion is no longer something reserved only for women. Times have changed and, if in the past people did not have much choice regarding clothing and clothing accessories, they can now choose from a wide range of fabrics, styles and patterns.

Accessories have a major role when it comes to fashion, because they add character and personality to our look. With the right bag, the right shoes, the right belt, or the right pair of gloves, a real must have this winter 2015/2016, we can improve ourselves and give a touch of rock and decision or romance and sophistication to our style.

The secret of the success and fame of Italian luxury products is undoubtedly high quality materials, which provide durability and reliability. Leather, wool, and cashmere are ready to complete and enhance our look and personality, and they will not go unnoticed. But the real added value of many Italian luxury products is the craftsmanship. Whether you speak of clothing or accessories, in fact, many manufacturers aim on delivering craftsmanship in their creations. The craftsmanship is therefore a cornerstone of many Italian products which guarantees uniqueness and perfection in detail.

Made in Italy is much more than a brand. It is a way of conceiving a product, to think of it and to realize it. It is synonymous with quality, style, fame, prestige; assurance, authenticity, reliability. Made in Italy from clothing to accessories, from furnishings to automobiles, has always distinguished and celebrated Italy in the world.


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