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Luxury Python wallet

The Gleni brand has always been the guarantee of a genuine “Made in Italy” product, crafted with complete respect for the best artisan traditions, proposing products whose beauty and splendour endure over the years, remaining just as stunning and captivating as when you first bought them.

A large part of Gleni’s production is of small leather accessories made of genuine exotic leather, a fundamental category of items that, not only accompany and complete our prestigious luxury handbags, but that also underline the taste for elegance and the passion that informs our business every day.

Our accessory line is composed of a vast choice of items, all of them very refined and suitable for any occasion and event.

They are exclusively created for a dynamic woman  who wants always to look attractive and perfect, but also practical and self-confident. Men too can find, in our collection of exotic leather accessories, the perfect accessory to distinguish him from the crowd, a product designed especially for a sophisticated man who always looks attractive and charming.

Gleni’s exotic leather accessories collection is composed of a wide selection of belts, wallets, coin-cases, ticket–cases, cell phone cases and many other items. The leather used for these accessories is carefully selected and prestigious python, crocodile, alligator and ostrich,  because our primary goal is to transform all the dreams and desires of our customers into reality. The leather is always very soft and it can assume many different colors and shadings, from the most classic to the newest and trendiest.

Belts, wallets and all the remaining small leather products are created by our most experienced craftsmen and, for this very reason, the items are all different from each other, original and involving. Women’s belts are very often enriched by rhinestones and shining stones or by very special buckles that make the belt itself a wonderful “Jewel”. They are very well finished and can be made to match handbags and wallets. Both our python and our crocodile or alligator belts have their own warranty label attesting to the authenticity of the product, the refinement of the manufacture and the excellent quality of the leather.

WARRANTY CERTIFICATE: the producer certifies that this hand made product has been made from genuine python (or crocodile) imported in the full respect of international rules safeguarding the species under CITES control (Washington convention on international trade of endangered species).


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