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Real Ligator Croc Bags

..the prestige and beauty of real crocodile skin at a very reasonable price.

Ligator process

Rare and distinguished exotic leathers such as crocodile and alligator are crafted by artisans with utmost care along with an expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation. The pure lines of the bags reflect the elegance of our trade-mark. They come in huge variety of shapes and sizes, from classic to the most innovative new design. Pure elegance! A MUST HAVE!

Cocco Ligator handbag

It is true that a genuine crocodile or alligator handbag is synonymous with quality and is a real status symbol, and it is also true that this skin, being one of the most expensive leathers, is accessible only to few people. For this very reason,  Ligator Croc skin is a unique product, retaining all the beauty of real crocodile skin at a considerably cheaper price.
This leather is covered with a special paint that makes it not only glossy but also waterproof, easier to clean and longer lasting. Also it is still real exotic skin, being produced from genuine reptile fibers, and so it far surpasses any printed leather both from an aesthetic point of view and for the excellent quality of its materials.

Another very important aspect to consider is that this leather can be recommended to those who prefer not to buy a genuine reptile skin handbag for conservation reasons. Thanks to this revolutionary new process - "the Ligator Process"  it is now possible to produce a leather that looks identical to genuine crocodile, or even more refined and polished, but which uses a much reduced quantity of the actual skin of the reptile, which allows us all to contribute substantially to the protection and conservation of the different species and their habitats.

Our handbags and wallets are 100% MADE IN ITALY. They are completely handmade and hand-dyed and they come directly from Italy. The workmanship of these bags is exquisite. They are made from real Cocco Ligator ~ Ligator Process.

Cocco-Ligator skin is a leather created by our tanneries and produced according to the “ Ligator Process”. Cocco Ligator is a patented tanning method (Florence patent #10064).

Cocco Ligator skin
The Ligator process offers 2 different varieties of "crocodile" skin:
  1. The "Hornback" cut is where the back of the alligator is featured - as if the skin had been cut in the middle of the belly. The back is "cornato" which adds a 'wild' touch to the leather!

  2. The other cut seems obtained from the central part of the alligator belly. The skin looks like it had been cut along the dorsal scales, the belly of the animal lies in the middle and both the sides frame it. The belly's scales are large and irregular and they make a pleasing contrast to the scales of the flanks, which are small and round. This combination gives the leather a modern feel.

Our collection offers our customers many different models of handbags, as our main goal is to satisfy your deepest desires, creating especially for you the ultimate bag that says it all, about you and your life style.

Our cocco-ligator collection offers you:

  1. classical handbags, for the sophisticated woman, charming and cultured, who is at ease in every situation, from the most important to the most casual;
  2. fashion handbags, for the woman who loves elegance but also fashion and the latest modes; a woman who is sensual and youthful;
  3. evening handbags and purses, for special evening events, cocktails, parties, ceremonies and for every special occasion where elegance and sophistication is a must;
  4. wide handbags and organizers, for the business woman who wishes to combine elegance with professionalism!

Our company is continuously working to find new and perfect solutions that combine elegance and comfort, aiming to create that special bag that doesn't just capture the attention of the individual woman but also captivates her senses and emotions; something which makes her feel “unique”.

Available colors

Cocco "Ligator"
Dark Green
Cocco "Hornback"

What is the difference between Cocco Ligator and Hornback Cocco Ligator ?

Cocco “Ligator” is obtained from the natural fibers of the reptile and it is perfectly hand made in accordance with the Italian tradition. It preserves the natural shades of the leather which covers the alligator belly and it is very well-finished.

Cocco “Hornback” is obtained from the natural fibers of the reptile and it is also perfectly hand made in accordance with the Italian tradition. It preserves the natural shades of the leather which covers the alligator back and it is very well-finished.

Our brand is a powerful and well respected trademark. It is well-known in Europe as a leading supplier of python and alligator goods. The company has always designed its products for sophisticated women who appreciate stylish and beautiful yet simple accessories. These bags are the best example of the traditional elite Italian craftsmanship – from the choice of leather to the finest details of the finishing.

Founded in 1970 the company caters for the middle and upper-middle market sector. Ever since the milestone LIGATOR line was introduced the company has been the leading national supplier offering the best value for money. The production of our handbags has never left Italy and is renowned for the exceptional quality of workmanship from the traditional artisans and leather craftsmen of Florence.

The wide collection of bags belonging to our collection  is continuously updated and perfected. Although the company experts take into account both customer feedback and fashion trends, their products always maintain that touch of classic elegance unique to the brand.



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