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"Offering luxury handbags, distinguished for their quality, design, beauty and prestige…to anyone who is looking for something special, for articles made with love and attention to detail, by the expert artisans of the Italian leather industry."

Gleni Luxury Exotic skin Handbags and accessories

It’s with pride and gratitude that we’d like to guide you on this journey, explaining the very essence of our philosophy, so that by understanding our core values and ideas you will better appreciate the true soul of our products.


In a society that tends more and more towards globalisation, expanding ever outwards, there are few companies that can honestly say that all their products are completely and truly 100% made in Italy. The decision to move their production abroad depends on many factors or, rather, on a combination of factors, first of all the cost-savings, made possible by low paid workers and the poor quality of the item itself.

This is a decision that, according to circumstances, an individual company takes into consideration in complete autonomy. In the world of trade, any company has to face positive moments but also negative situations, and companies that have to produce large quantities of goods or those that want to maximize profits with minimum outgoings, often decide to move their production outside Italy.

Despite this period of recession, we at Gleni continue to promote the importance of the quality of the product and we pay particular attention to every single stage of the production process, without cutting corners to obtain the finished product sooner. Focusing our energies on the artisan product has meant that it is impossible for us to produce large quantities of goods: we have independently decided to follow this route, without trying to take the other one, as many other companies, on the other hand, have done.
Our customers are spread over a wide geographical area, thanks to Gleni’s online presence, providing our prestigious exotic leather products to both private customers and wholesalers looking for a niche product of undisputed luxury and prestige.

Gleni’s collections offer a wide selection of python, ostrich, alligator (crocodile) and cocco Ligator handbags, whose leather is carefully selected by the most renowned Italian tanneries, and also accessories such as belts, wallets and other small leather items, as well as a refined collection of men’s shoes, professional items and travel accessories.

By focusing our attention on items representing the genuine Made in Italy symbol, we trust in the mastery of skilful craftsmen, practiced in their field, who choose style and refinement, qualities that are then transmitted to all the products they personally create with their own hands, transforming them into real masterpieces of fine craftsmanship.

Fashion is a major vehicle to express our creativity, giving space to imagination, originality and invention, enhancing the elegance and the care for details, from the smallest to the most relevant. Producing a handbag allows us to freely express our own ideas and to create something original and personal from nothing, something that will make the person wearing it feel absolutely “special”.

Starting with a really prestigious raw material, as only exotic leather can be, Gleni’s chief wish is to give its customers - both private customers and wholesalers – the best designs and Italian quality, a totally MADE IN ITALY product, while keeping a quality-price ratio that is very hard to beat!

Our mission is the constant improvement of the quality of our products; our main task is to create handbags and fashionable accessories that prove their unchanging  nature over the years and receive positive appreciation and admiration from our customers. And so far, it seems that we have consistently achieved this goal.

The easiest way to transform your wishes into reality... is to buy one of these wonderful designs offered to you by Gleni!

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