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With an increasingly varied market, full of all kinds and shapes colors, hues, materials and lines of bags and accessories, it seems almost impossible not to be able to find that special item to satisfy one’s needs. But, everyone is different, with their own idiosyncrasies, characteristics and needs, and what is apparently an easy and immediate choice, sometimes becomes a difficult task that doesn’t get you the desired results.

This is especially true when we enter the fashion field, where everyone has their own priorities: some put the shape of the item at the top of the list, looking for very specific dimensions and parameters; others consider color fundamental,  matching the numerous looks a person may show up with, or totally bold and audacious to highlight one’s personality and verve; finally, there are those who put an emphasis on the manufacture and on the quality of the raw materials used, knowing that this will transform the accessory into something that will last for years, keeping its beauty and elegance as fresh as the day they bought it.

Fashion plays a fundamental role in Gleni’s work, and we never disregard those specific needs and issues that might disappoint the client or a probable customer. For this reason,  how should we combine our tastes and choices in the matter of fashion and new trends with our customers’ requests?
Simply by allowing our traditional artisanal production and our attention to detail to be at the complete disposal of the needs of both private customers and wholesalers.

Visiting our showroom you can immerse yourself in the fabulous world of exotic leather and feel the quality and prestige of this material with your own hands. A true catalogue on a human scale where, both private customers and wholesalers, have the chance to personalize the item that best fits their personal style or their customers’; here they can select the model with care and attention and then combine it with the variety of leather and the color that they love best.

Pochettes, cross-body bags, handbags, classic models or casual ones: each item on the shelves can be made of python, ostrich or genuine crocodile, based on the customer’s tastes and in whatever tonality or hue currently available in our palette. You can be sure that every order will be distinguished by its prestige and originality, in particular, as there are so many different possible combinations of model, color and leather: just what you need to let you stand out from the crowd or satisfy your customer’s needs.

The artisanal manufacture adds a touch of class and refinement to these prestigious items, where every single stitching or decoration is meticulously analyzed by our expert and skilled artisans, who use all their experience to create articles that will be appreciated as real works of art.

Our staff, with their professionalism, will be glad to help you in placing a satisfactory order, especially designed to meet both yours and your customers’ tastes.
For all those who can’t come to visit us, after having looked at our online boutique at www.gleniboutique.com or our electronic catalogue at www.gleni.eu (this one specifically reserved for our wholesalers), you can contact us via e-mail explaining your request, and we will surely find a solution just for you.

Let your imagination go wild….Gleni will do everything to make your dreams come true!


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