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Exotic Leather Handbags Give You Luxury for a Lifetime!

Almost every woman dreams of buying a beautiful, luxury exotic leather handbag at least once in her life. The ultimate in status symbols, a genuine python or crocodile handbag is seen not only as a beautiful item in itself, but also as a reflection of the high life and a prestige item.

Luxury exotic leather handbags

Two generations ago our grandmothers knew how important it was to maintain a stylish image and even if they were not well-off, still struggling to make ends meet and give their children all they needed, they would still pay attention to their look. They knew that quality was a good investment and would choose a good quality handbag or accessory in natural leather or genuine exotic crocodile or python, which would not only guarantee elegance but would last them for many years, maybe all their lives, as they would take great care of it, cherish it and sometimes even pass it on to their daughters. They couldn’t afford to buy a new bag every season, or even every year, so when they did purchase a handbag they wanted to be sure that it would last and remain elegant for many years.

Times have changed now and with the evolution of women’s role in society, they more often have their own independent incomes and can afford to buy a whole range of bags to suit different looks.

Fashionable women often have a huge number of different handbags and clutches of all shapes and sizes tucked away in their closets: bargains that they couldn’t resist in the sales, in a whole rainbow of colors, which have built up into quite a collection over the years. While these may be fun, bright and cheerful, most of them won’t actually be the real thing: a real handbag, as we see it, is one that is truly elegant and yet so comfortable to wear that from the moment you first wear it, it becomes part of you, something special and yet a familiar friend that you are proud to have by your side and which will last you a life time.

Mass produced, low quality bags are undoubtedly more affordable, and can even be fashionable and look good for a while, but they will never wear as well as a top quality luxury bag that is hand-made especially for you. After a season a low quality bag will start to look shabby, the zip might break, or the strap fray, the brass-look hardware tarnishes and the stitching starts to come apart. While a top quality leather handbag is more expensive to buy, once you have invested the purchase price you get a far better return, as it will last you twenty times as long or more, always looking good and as reliable as a true friend.

Genuine exotic leather raises a handbag from the ordinary into the top level of elegance. As our grandmothers used to say: if you are going to buy a handbag, buy the best! Beautiful exotic leather really is the best when it comes to making elegant handbags: it is softer and more supple than calfskin, allowing the bag to shape to your body in a way that is comfortable and harmonious, becoming one with you and your look. The caress of its wonderful softness also gives a wonderful boost of energy and feeling of well-being whenever you are wearing it.

Another advantage that exotic leather has over calfskin is that exotic leathers such as python, crocodile or ostrich absorb color more intensely than ordinary leather. If you compare a calfskin handbag with one made of python in the same color, it is easy to see that however beautiful the calf leather is, it is far less vivid than the color of the python handbag. When color is applied to exotic leathers to gains a new intensity, subtle nuances and more brightness, as well as gaining an extra dimension through the natural patterns of the python skin and the scales of the crocodile leather. Ostrich leather too brings an extra magic quality to the colors, as the follicles that polka dot the skin take on the color in a darker more intense shade of the base color, resulting in the wonderful play of colors that makes this leather so sought after and desirable.

The biggest difference, however, between a natural leather handbag and one made of genuine exotic leather is the weight of the handbag. A hobo or tote made of python or crocodile is noticeably lighter than the same design made in calfskin. Try an experiment for yourself: go to a leather shop and find two similar models of bag, one in python and one in calf, then try wearing them both at the same time, one on each shoulder. The considerable difference will immediately be obvious. You might not think the weight difference important if you are just wanting to buy a small clutch, but if you are planning on purchasing a large tote to carry all your everyday things it will make a huge difference to your shoulders! So a luxury exotic bag is not just about prestige and elegance, but is also a practical choice that is much better for you and your back, reducing the amount of weight you lug around every day and preventing strain on your back.

Last but not least a luxury exotic handbag, as we mentioned above, is also an excellent investment for the future.

Designed and made to last for years it will always retain that beauty and softness that shows it to be a top quality product. It may be expensive to purchase, but you really do get value for money, as the finished product has had many hours of skilful workmanship put into it by experience artisans, who craft each bag with a combination of passion and patience, meticulously working on every stitch and every detail to ensure the perfect mix of elegance and fine craftsmanship. Your handbag will be with you forever and like a best friend it will stay by your side through thick and thin, ensuring that you always looks your best, stunning and gorgeous at all times. That is what a luxury exotic leather bag can do for you!!



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