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Gleni Boutique - Italian luxury handbags and accessories

If fashion can be defined as evolution, change, innovation, re-inventing one’s image, and keeping up with the changing times….well, we can definitely say that our latest project reflects each of these definitions perfectly!

Expressing our wish for modernization, we wanted to start from the very beginning, from the foundation, by finding a new location for our showroom, which would convey our image of taste, harmony and luxury within an intimate and comfortable space.

Just as fashion plays a fundamental and central role in society, in general, and in our lives, in particular, so for our new showroom we wanted a central location, right in the heart of our city centre. A careful and well-studied decision, to diffuse and spread the concept of style and refinement, of which Gleni has been the spokeperson for so many years.

For this reason, we have chosen the centre of San Benedetto del Tronto, (a lovely town on the Adriatic coast, in the Marche region of Italy, historic summer destination attracting many visitors from all over the world,) as the point of reference where we shall display our numerous leather products and our most innovative collections, for the delight of customers and passers-by.

A colourful rainbow covering a wide range of handbags, wallets, belts and men’s shoes, crafted in prestigious exotic leather, is now displayed within an intimate and comfortable space, elegant but not excessive, which is infused with the meticulous attention to detail, the skilled artisanship and special care that is intrinsic to our coveted “Made in Italy” label.

So, we invite all those who are passionate about beauty and elegance to visit us in our new showroom at the following address:

Via Risorgimento, 43 – 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italy

Handbags, wallets, shoes, belts made of exotic leather

Surrounded by the warm cream shades of walls and shelves, contrasting with the dark grey of the stone floor, softly lit by gorgeous chandeliers of precious materials which create fantastic plays of light, interacting with the individual LED lights illuminating each of the shelves, you will be able to touch our top quality handbags with your own hands, feeling the luxurious softness of the exotic leather used to make them, discovering the sublime effect they have on you the moment you wear them.

Every handbag and leather product is completely handmade, from the cutting out to the finishing; every single detail is meticulously worked by our expert Italian artisans, in total respect for tradition and true Italian style.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the selection you have to choose between: from the most classic designs, in neutral and soft colors, to the more innovative and youthful, in more vivid and original shades. Every woman has more than one side to her, and so we give her a wide variety of choice to suit every aspect of her personality with elegance and refinement.
The beauty of our handbags and accessories and the genuine helpfulness of our staff, ready to welcome you and satisfy all your dreams, makes our new showroom the perfect place for your dreams to come true.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us at the following address:

GLENI – Luxury exotic leather handbags & Accessories
via Risorgimento 43, San Benedetto del Tronto,
63074 (AP). Italy

Telefono: +39 0735657565 http://www.gleni.it

If you need any more information, e-mail us at the above addresses or you can call us by phone +39 0735657565, from Monday to Friday during the following office hours: 09:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 20:00.
We will be very glad to clarify your every question and satisfy all your requests. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our internet address is: www.gleni.it
Wholesale Electronic Catalog: www.gleni.eu
Online Boutique: www.gleniboutique.com

Come and visit our show room and you'll never want to leave!


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