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Stunning colors and metallic streaks enhancing the natural animal patterns of the skins, alternate with nuanced pastel shades or with homogeneous colors that give a velvety effect to the python skin. A wide range of shades, some really summery tones, others more in keeping with the fall season, await you to give a new glow to your look, offering you the same elegance and high quality as always, but still keeping up with the latest fashion trends!!!

Here below, we are showing you all the colors that here at Gleni, we consider as “basic” for python leather, meaning that, although following the trends dictated by actual fashions, it’s possible to find these “basic” tonalities in every season and period. Some of them are quite homogeneous and sober, others are more eccentric and vivid – very often taken from past summer and winter collections just because they were so popular.

Moreover, this alternation between brighter shades and softer ones, helps us to understand the great ability python has during the dyeing process: a rich, elegant and always in vogue kind of leather especially because of the possibility it gives in obtaining with it every kind of shade and tonality.


Borsa in pelle naturale di pitone

Everybody will be able to find the most appropriate color or nuance for his/her personality, to freely apply on totes or on clutches or on more practical and traditional shoulder bags.

If strong and, sometimes, eccentric tonalities, such as fuchsia or acid green are often more quoted than classic shades, you have never to undervalue red, blue and, above all, black and grey: they will always remain by your side, never disappointing you.

Here at Gleni, where we have always been dedicated in studying the latest fashions and trends, to guarantee you a product that combines luxury, elegance and modernity, we have decided to group all those colors that we consider “basic tonalities”, and that you will find always available in our laboratories, into four different categories, each one able to satisfy a specific trend and style:


  • Python CLASSIC;
  • Python BRILLIANT;

From the most neutral and sober tonalities of CLASSIC python, with some stronger nuances, however keeping a quite homogeneous style, we pass to the particularity of the VELVETY ELEGANCE python where the leather is completely bleached in order to lose the natural python design and gain in softness and ductility, assuring a velvety effect. More eccentric and exuberant are the two remaining python categories, whose only difference is given by the fact that, unlike SHOCKING BRIGHT python - where strong and vivid colors are joined together – BRILLIANT python, in addition, offers a particular metallic finishing in order to create a pearly effect.


Every color has a really exclusive and attractive quality that will enhance all your outfits, making your accessory modern but stylish, trendy but refined.


Well, what are these python colors, conceived and created by all the members of Gleni staff especially for you, to satisfy your desire of always looking the top in elegance and refinement, while keeping up to date with fashion trends? Let's look at them in detail!

Staying in line with strong and captivating colors, a prominent position is taken by the aptly named Shocking Python in its “tropical”, “spring”, “autumn” and “earth” variants.

This variety of python is named for its special coloring process where the leather assumes a variety of very bright colors which, though seemingly contrasting with each other, once joined together, create a vibrant energy that shocks the human eye in a positive way:

Tropical python color


"Troppical", is characterized by a union of orange, turquoise and electric blue, the typical tonalities characterizing the marine species living the tropics, which, thanks to their many different shades, light up the darkness of the ocean depths;



Spring python color


"Spring", on the other hand, is a tonality referring to the bright colors of nature in its most beautiful season, that is spring. Fuchsia brings to mind the color of blossom on the fruit trees that fuse into the strong yellow of sun, while violet evokes in our minds the first field flowers timidly appearing in the grass at the blooming of this beautiful season;


Pelle di pitone Autumn

"Autumn", as the term itself suggests, is created from the union of three typical autumnal colors: the brown of the earth, the green of the moss in the woods and the yellow of the leaves on trees and cascading to the ground. The combination of these three typical “warm” colors make the “autumn” shade perfect for all those women who like to stand out with strong and decided tones even in winter, while retaining all their elegance and refinement, because this color, although very dynamic and striking, goes perfectly with everything, so you appear trendy and absolutely fashionable throughout the next winter season.


Color Earth


"Earth", like our autumn tonality, is mainly focused on the colors of the earth during the very cold winter days: the dark brown of almost naked trees, the yellow and orange of dried leaves carpeting the ground. Unlike Autumn color, the variant earth looks restrained but it certainly is not lacking in elegance and sensuality.



You don't like overly fluorescent colors and prefer single shades which are bright and vibrant?

deep blue Raffaello python


In this case, pay attention to our deep blue Raffaello python,  very soft and scaled to the touch, where wider, rectangular scales are masterfully alternated with smaller, round ones. Everything is further embellished by the wonderful deep blue color, a tone of intense blue with a matt finish which seems to lighten where scales are larger, showing some white streaks. Here too the natural python design is enhanced by black streaks.


Lobster tonality

On the other hand, if you love a strong, vibrant color, that is perfect in any season and with any look, we suggest the new Lobster tonality, a very trendy and youthful color that, despite its harmony, will really get you noticed. Its matt finish, only partially highlights the light brown streaks on the leather, designed to reproduce the natural typical python design. So, if viewed from afar, your bag will look as if it is a solid color, while a more careful look will pick out the subtle darker accents conferring more verve and glamour on your handbag.

For lovers of pearly effects, some tonalities provided with a shiny finishing having brightening effects, will catch your attention thanks to their multiple nuances and the delicate brushstrokes. Among them, we can underline:

Sunset python color


"Sunset", created by the fusion of sky-blue and lilac, is the typical tonality of the sky at  sunset, when blue mingles with pink streaks, creating a really special and romantic atmosphere, above all if we look at it sitting on a bench by the sea or lake;



Storm python color


"Storm", named because it recalls the typical colors of the sky just after a summer storm, when, as soon as the rain stops, the grey starts to changes to blue and the sky, still covered by dark clouds, has yellow highlights where the sun shyly peeps through lightening the atmosphere;


 Smoke color


"Smoke", a tonality perfect for any season thanks to its sobriety and to its perfect wearability. Created by the union of grey, white with blue brush strokes and brown-black streaks, designed to define the typical python design, this color, like the others belonging to its category, shows a shiny-pearled finishing. It is really very elegant and suitable to every classy woman, refined but not old-fashioned, restrained but not anonymous;





"Cherry", is a predominantly spring-summer color bringing to mind the pinky-red of the beautiful cherries on the trees, with eggplant brush strokes and pearl-grey finishing perfectly reproducing the natural design of the exotic leather.




Do you like restrained colors but are looking for something really special, perhaps linked to an exclusive python coloring process?

Then you‘ll be thrilled by our python design”, named thus because the leather is dyed with a special technique as if drawing circles of color on the leather itself which, in contrast with the very delicate and homogeneous base tonality, creates a very intriguing optical effect.

Grey color
This type of python is available in two variants:

Grey (the base is pearl grey with white streaks and the circles are a medium grey);




Blue color

Blue (the base is light grey with sky-blue streaks and the circles are a bright blue)



but both of them are so subtly shaded and neutral that they can be worn perfectly well at any time of year, in summer and in winter,  without interfering in any way with the colors of your clothes, being themselves the result of several shades skillfully blended.

Pythone Country color Land

A similar effect to the one created by Python Design, even though a little more elaborate thanks to the presence of more different colors, is also proposed by “Python Country” in the delicious land color: a refined union of beige, antique pink with light beige brush strokes outlined by brown streaks. We decided to call this tonality “land” because it reminds us of the colors and smells of the natural country landscape on hot summer days, even though these shades can even go perfectly with a more typically winter look, given their elegant sobriety.


Do you need classic elegance and so you are looking for a neutral, very delicate color to use for your handbag or your python accessory?

In this case, we suggest you focus your attention on two very refined and simple shades which are at the same time really involving: panna and sparkling.

Panna is the classic light beige with darker brown streaks to enhance the natural python design, while sparkling is also a very restrained and delicate shade but, unlike panna, sparkling, as the name itself suggests, reveals a shiny pearled finish that gives it sensational ivory-beige nuances.


Sparkling, like panna, is one of the colors we consider “a color for all seasons” because, being a neutral color, it is perfect to wear in any season, given that its extreme versatility allows it to go with any other shade, whether classic or bright and original without any problem.


As already announced here above, in conceiving the new trendy colors for 2011-2012, we have not only focused our attention on the brightest tonalities to choose in summer as being more suitable for the warm weather, but we have also given thought to more typical winter colors which are just as pretty and delectable as the summer ones.


These shades are obviously different because they are mainly focused on the warm tones of the earth such as brown, orange, green, turtledove and beige but, as we will see below in a couple of minutes, each one of them has its own special quality, as with Gleni …… nothing is taken for granted!!!

Natural Sand


Starting with shades of brown, we propose  Natural Sand, a natural, very delicate beige with a matt finish, a classic and linear color that, after a short break, we have decided to reintroduce to our color collection as a result of numerous requests from our customers, because of its extreme naturalness and the easy way it goes with  everything.



Cowboy, on the other hand, is a new shade of brown, very different from the ones already belonging to our vast range of colors, because it is a medium brown tending to hazelnut, with small black spots over the whole python surface, to create a pockmarked effect further enhancing the contrast between the bigger scales and the small scales characterizing this leather.



Wood reproduces the classic dark brown of  tree trunks, with lighter shadings and darker streaks to delineate the natural python design. Such plays of color are further enhanced by  sunlight creating in this way a very captivating effect on the whole matt finish.



Bronzed Gold

However, if you want to be daring next winter too, wearing a very chic and unusual color that is at the same time very refined, we invite you to pay attention to our Bronzed Gold, an extraordinary color combining the undisputed elegance of brown with the brightness and glamour of bronze and gold streaks. This color, created by our craftsmen in their workshops, will surely captivate all those women who want to appear beautiful and dynamic but without overdoing it with anything too flashy.


Shocking Copper

Those of our customers who, on the other hand, would like to spend the next winter  season with an accessory that brightens their look (and even their mood in the grayness of the winter period) one which makes them look beautiful and luminous no matter where they are, at work or doing everyday chores, can lose themselves in the light and glow of our “Shocking Copper”, a very strong copper shade with metallic streaks everywhere and darker brush strokes  where scales are larger. The brightness of this color will continuously surprise you, capturing your heart and your soul. If you’re cool with the glances of admiration and, unluckily of envy too from passers-by, and you want to reveal all your splendor this winter too, we are sure that this is the perfect tonality for you.

Brick red


Moving on to reddish-brown tones, we can propose the new color “brick red”, so called because it reminds us the typical terracotta red of the traditional Italian brick. This tonality too is primarily intended for the winter season but can be just as current in any season, thanks to its versatility and wearability.



Shocking Copper

The first variant is called “Ice” and at first sight it could be mistaken for our historical matt Roccia. In fact the python design is almost identical  and even the finish is matt, but the color “Ice” tends to assume a more intense grey nuance that evokes the image of ice in our mind, from which the color itself takes the name.



Crazy Grei


The second variant, on the other hand, “Crazy Grey”, offers a very different image of grey, with obvious white streaks and small hazelnut brush strokes where the scales are larger. And it’s actually around the bigger scales that we notice a shiny effect contrasting with the matt grey finish of the rest of leather, creating in this way a very refined optical effect.


Let’s now introduce the category of VELVETY python: in it, we have grouped that kind of leather that, unlike the classic python structure of big scales alternating with smaller scales, soft but versatile to the touch, first of all it shows an homogeneous color, without the natural patterned nuances of python, and this leather both in feel and in appearance is like soft velvet.

Being a very elegant and subtle leather, the range of colors available is mainly oriented towards classic and restrained shades such as:



Turtledove: very elegant and sober beige-brown that, thanks to its neutrality, goes perfectly with any other color;




Apricot: a delicate orange shade that recalls the characteristic color of the apricot skin when this fruit is ripe. This is the reason why apricot too, like many other shades  described above, can be considered the perfect tonality for any season, suitable to wear both in winter to brighten a dark dress and in summer, worn with other fresh colors such as white or beige;



Military Green


Military green: should be considered a specifically autumnal color. Military green is addressed to all lovers of taste and refinement who, however, go beyond the choice of  classic black or brown for their accessories, and who want to live the next cold season wrapped in color but without going over the top;




Lead: a very intense dark grey further underlining the velvety aspect of this type of python, conferring prestige and luxury on any accessory you wish to have made in this leather;





Biscuit: is named for the typical colors of the plain Italian cookies that most of us start the day with to accompany our coffee at breakfast. This shade too, like many others, although it has been inserted here among the variants of colors for the next fall-winter 2011-2012, being very natural and delicate, is also perfect to wear on warm summer afternoons, perhaps used on a beautiful roomy tote bag. What do you think of it?




Noisette: a very elegant and refined light brown , an homogeneous and intriguing tonality making you look glamorous and womanly and enhancing your look with class;



Violat Brown


Violet-brown: it is a very intense and unusual color, a dark brown with eggplant violet shadings, a contrast made more evident if the leather is exposed to sunlight. Everything is then elegantly enriched by the velvety finish that characterizes this type of python.



If you are curious to see how these fashionable colors go with the style and the elegant line of our luxury python handbag models, click here and let yourself be lulled in this ocean of overwhelmingly beautiful colors!

Our company, as you well know, specializes primarily in the making and sale of the finished product but, if you are a wholesaler attracted by the types of leather we deal with or by the python colors shown here above, and you are just interested in buying our leathers directly, you can contact us over the phone or send us an e-mail and we will be very glad to meet your requirements.

So as to always keep up to date and not to be caught unprepared, we have already predisposed the wide range of colors that will be the protagonists of the next spring-summer 2013, according to the new trends shown at the many leather fairs of international importance that we attend every year: have a look at the preview of the next color trends.

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