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Fashion belts: the Italian style of exotic leather.

Luxury and fashion belts

Belts are often the unsung heroes of the fashion accessory market. Handbags grab the attention first, shoes are chosen with care, but it is the all important belt, last on the shopping list, that defines an outfit and makes or breaks the waist line.

Now waists are right back in fashion, it is even more important to pay attention to your belt. A comfortable fashion belt in luxury exotic leather will complement an elegant outfit, lift a pair of jeans from functional to stylish. It can bring new life to a classic outfit, upgrade a lower-end label into a designer look and, what is more, a luxury belt is an investment that will last for years and will never go out of fashion.

All shapes and sizes of belts have adorned the runways over the last couple of seasons: wide belts worn high to cinch the waist and emphasize its slenderness; skinny belts fitting snugly on an elegant, waisted dress; bright belts with elaborate buckles to add interest to classic black skirts; belts worn over big shirts or even over coats to close them - just about every designer collection has featured belts as an important accessory to catch the eye and focus attention on the waist.
Exotic leather exudes glamour however you wear it, as a stunning handbag, stylish shoes or cinched round your waist. Wearing an elegant python fashion belt adds a new dimension to your look, it says you are stylish, confident and discerning, willing to take time to perfect the finer details of your look, a woman who values herself and is prepared to invest in the best.

Python fashion belts

A python belt definitely falls into the affordable luxury bracket.

Every model, exquisitely hand-stitched and provided by beautifully worked buckle enriched by pearls and rhinestones, presents a supple smoothness thanks to the leather it is made of, promising comfort, elegance and complete luxury. Of course, belts are also naturally one of the more affordable luxury leather accessories around because of their size: using less leather than a handbag, they are considerably cheaper, making a python leather belt the ideal choice when you crave a bit of luxury to add to your wardrobe but don't feel like splurging on a whole new designer outfit.

The affordable price of luxury exotic leather belts makes it possible to have two different belts to go with the same outfit, to give it two different looks and get the most out of it. A belt in dark brown or black leather with a simple, elegant buckle, would create a business-like air for the professional woman, but the same outfit could be given a more glamorous, dressed up feel by teaming it with a brightly colored belt with a decorative buckle for the evening. Endlessly versatile, the same two belts can also work wonders transforming a pair of jeans from functional leisure-wear into a look that makes a statement of casual elegance.

These days more casual dress codes no longer demand that your handbag, shoes and belt all match, as used to be de rigueur back in the Fifties, but when you are dressing to impress for formal occasions, having a belt to match your handbag is still incredibly elegant. In our python belt collection you will find the same python leathers that we use for our python handbags, so you can order a luxury fashion belt in the same color as your new handbag for the ultimate in Italian chic.

Keep always in mind that the leather we use is the most refined and prestigious in the market: leathers are soft and extremely versatile. Purchasing an exotic leather belt, is not only an elegant and aesthetical matter, but also an unimaginable comfort: letting you caressing by the smoothness of this leather, will provide you with pleasant sensation of calm and relaxation.


We invite all our customers to visit this specific category in our Gleni Boutique at www.gleniboutique.com reserved to our fashion belt’s collection, where are displayed the latest models realized with amazing leathers, in many attractive colors, ready for an immediate delivery.

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