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Refinement and prestige by your side everyday in your professional life.

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In business, first impressions are crucial. Your body language, the way you talk and especially the way you dress, all play an essential part in how your clients and colleagues perceive you and your business. Elegant, top quality clothes and accessories convey an aura of success and confidence, while wearing cheap, shabby clothes and toting a nylon rucksack would put you at an immediate disadvantage.

Alligator briefcase handbag

Dress for success with a top quality professional bag at your side!

Gleni’s professional clients have long enjoyed our wide range of hand-made briefcases and professional bags designed to enhance their personal look and image: it consists of a great variety of artisan-crafted products, ,made of superlative exotic leather – genuine crocodile and python in particular.

Both for men and women, Gleni’s collection offers an infinite selection of professional models, as sometimes in business giving thought to our own image could be a winning card! Professional briefcases, portfolios, computer bags and a wide selection of travel articles: a business person can find the exact item to meet his or her needs, especially when it comes to exotic leather, which knows no limits in terms of refinement, class and prestige..

Our professional line boasts a rainbow of colors, both in python, which is softer and more adaptable, and crocodile, with its engaging and confident look: from sober and neutral shades, for those who love a classic style and prefer not to stand out with bold and bright colors during office hours, and more vivid and brilliant tonalities, for those who are more daring and want to make a real statement, not caring what others think.
You can have your professional bag or briefcase custom made to suit your personal taste in our Craftsman Laboratory, so that you are sure to have always by your side something reflecting your life style.

The entire production is 100% Made in Italy, meticulously hand-crafted by our skilled Italian artisans, for a really top quality product that will last you for years.

We are at your disposal for any further information or requests concerning our products. You can contact us by e-mail at the following e-mail address: gleni@gleni.it or by phone at the following number: +39 0735 657565.

Guarantee: The manufacturer attests that this item has been made from genuine python skin, imported under adherence to the international laws which protect the species under the control of CITES ( Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

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