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Elegant Bags for a Polished Professional Image

Today's professional woman knows that the key to a successful career is not just how much she knows, but also the image she projects. To be successful, you need to think successful and look successful too. It's no use having the brains, ability and know-how, if your colleagues and clients mistake you for your secretary, all for the want of a polished professional image!

Luxury briefcases: for elegance adn style ...

There are plenty of smart and elegant options for the business woman today and these days you no longer have to dress like a man to be taken seriously and look professional. Eighties power dressing and padded shoulders may be staging a tongue in cheek come-back on the runways, but fashion and accessories have moved on from that era and now a professional woman is no longer restricted to carrying a masculine briefcase or attaché case to work.

With the recent trends towards bigger handbags, there are more and more styles available that adapt perfectly to being used as work bags, having ample room for documents, books and even laptops, as well as your personal necessities. Women are now choosing bags like these, instead of a traditional briefcase, for elegance and style and can wear them with far more panache than they ever could a briefcase.

An ideal style of bag for work is the structured tote. There are many designs available and the best ones to use for work have multiple pockets and compartments to keep papers organised, important documents safe and your cell-phone handy. Some totes are even big enough to fit your laptop, but if you are carrying all this weight in one bag choose a model with a detachable shoulder strap, so that you can still carry it with ease.

Any handbag with the right dimensions to carry papers and your other work essentials can be pressed into use as a work bag, but look for structured bags that are smart and give a clean, uncluttered look. Avoid slouchy hobos that give a casual relaxed impression - they may fit everything in, but are more appropriate for leisure wear at the weekend.

Luxury leather totes and briefcases for woman.

When you are creating a polished professional image the key note should be quality and that is essential for your work bag too. A well made bag in beautiful leather will provide the finishing touch to your look, showing that you take the time to look at details, that you appreciate quality and invest in the best. You don't have to spend a fortune on a designer bag though, it is the quality not the label that is important here. A hand-made luxury bag in ostrich, python or crocodile will strike just the right sophisticated note and be impressive without being ostentatious.

Briefcases for woman


The neutral classic colours of black and brown are the best choices for work bags if you are in a traditional business, though you could consider other restrained neutrals like this year's elegant serpentine grey or light ecru. Professionals in more creative industries can indulge in some of this season's fabulous bright colors - in particular bright orange or red, which both give an impression of energy and creativity.

The advantage of choosing an exotic leather like ostrich or python for your work bag is that they are strong and resilient leathers but are considerably lighter than the traditional calf leather of briefcases, so they will take your load of work documents with far less danger of straining your back! They are also extremely tough, so will stand up to everyday use and still look good.


There are some professions where a traditional briefcase is still de rigueur but traditional doesn't have to be dull, as there are some extremely chic Italian briefcases available these days, which will bring a dash of elegance to your professional life.

Whatever work bag you go for, choose quality above all else. Your professional bag is an investment in your career, contributing enormously to your polished image and conveying a reassuring message of your value to your clients and colleagues, so reflect your true quality with a top quality exotic leather handbag for work!

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