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Our online boutique offers all its visitors a wide selection of luxury leather handbags and accessories from our very latest collections, made in the most up-to-the-minute colors in a variety of stunning, fresh designs.

In our boutique you will find both classic and more innovative, modern styles. Our classic bags made from cocco-ligator or real python skin are designed for the woman whose handbag is like a best friend to her, and who wants one which will never go out of fashion. Our more innovative and modern handbags are practical and comfortable designs aimed at the youthful and dynamic woman, who is self-confidant and wants to set off her charm, elegance and femininity.

As well as handbags that will see a woman through every scenario of her day, work or play, our devoted customers will also find many different evening bags and purses, a jewel each one, embellished with pearls, strass crystals and pendants, to put the finishing touches to a woman's sophistication and elegance.

These items are already available in our Online Fashion Boutique for immediate dispatch, so that you can be sure of them being delivered to you within a very few days, when you'll experience for yourself the exceptional softness of the leather and the excellence of their design.

If, when visiting our Gleni Boutique, you should be captivated by some designs but would prefer them in another color, you can order these items in the color and the leather of your choice in our Craftsman Laboratory. In this case, however, the delivery time (as for all items made to order) will be between a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 60 days, from the day we receive payment.
Once you take delivery of your exclusive handbag, you will immediately realize that you have bought something really special, an accessory that everybody around you will definitely notice, and that will make your beauty and style stand out from the crowd.

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