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Italian handbag: masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship

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Black italian handbag in ostrich leather skin

What women want? It is such a question that no one could give an answer to it yet. But which woman can say ‘no’ to a classy shoe or a chic handbag? At least we know that shoes or handbags are never enough for women. Moreover, when it comes to a luxurious Italian handbag, you can see a sparkle in women’s eyes. But what are our criteria that make us eager to buy that handbag? You should consider Italian culture first to understand this behavior.

Every country can remind you something. When we say Japan, you will think about technology. Belgium is famous with its chocolates and Switzerland is known with luxury watches. So think about Italy now. I can hear you saying “luxury, handbags and shoes”. That is right. Of course Italy is not just about fashion. Apart from this, it is also well known with pasta, pizza, history, design and arts. But what if I say everything about Italy is interconnecting?

Italy has a unique culture. Every single notion comes together and generate Italy. And when it comes to Italian brands, we see the most respected brands in all over the world. It will not be wrong to say that, this respect is coming from its heritage and craftsmanship. People are raised in big Italian families, eating numerous kinds of pasta treated like art. They grow with arts and design. They inherit their skills through generations. Seeing all the history around, they become the representatives of Italian culture. These people value art, so that they do their job in that perspective. Italian designers and craftsmen are one of these people who makes Italy and Italian brands unique.

The handbags which are designed by talented designers are commended to the hands of craftsmen’s hands that has many years of experience. These hands enroll their talent to the most famous leather in the world, and that is how Italian handbags are basically produced. Of course it is not only Italian craftsmanship and design which makes Italian handbags unique, but also the quality of Italian leather.

The Italian leather is treated like a jewel. Many Italian manufacturers only use natural plant extracts to turn hides into Italian leather, which takes much longer but means they are of the highest quality. This is done through a number of complicated stages, carefully handed down over 200 years through generations of Italian artisans. They also do not use any cheaper imported foreign second or third grade hides that may have been corrected or polished due to flaws and marks. Because their brand names are precious, they don’t want marks on their brand names since they are representative of their families.

Italian leather has an element of prestige to it around the world; it’s respected by fashion designers everywhere and it stands as a sign of good quality. Designer labels are desirable not just because they make great quality products, but because their label represents a status and lifestyle that people want to buy into. Italian leather is used in numerous products including high quality shoes for men and women alike, luxury handbags, purses, wallets and accessories, and can even be found in luxury cars not just from Italian manufacturers such as Ferrari, but also from more common makes of vehicle such as German manufacturers like VW and Mercedes.

Therefore, the Italian handbags are the most desired handbags in the world. They are not just a bag to carry your stuff but, each one of them are artworks made in the hands of hundred years of experience, using the best leather in the world.

So still we do not know what women want, but we know they will be thrilled with an Italian handbag. In the end, which women would not want to carry a masterpiece in her hands?

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