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Items made from reptile and exotic skin sell very well all over the world and their trade is very convenient for two main reasons: they give prestige to the shop that sells them, and, thanks to their price, they contribute considerably to increased sales and higher profit margins..

The sales of luxury items made from quality leather are constantly growing.
Some international surveys give statistics showing that about 60% of women have more than 10 handbags, and over 3% of women have as many as 25 handbags!

Unlike stores that sell clothing, the leather sector has the huge advantage of not having to put their goods on sale at the end of the season.
The other great privilege is that handbags are compact in size so any seasonal remainders are much simpler to administer.

Handbags and leather goods made from exotic skin also give an air of sophistication to your shop making it an exclusive place that attracts a high-class clientele, where women can be sure of finding exactly the right item to enhance their look and make them feel incredibly elegant and attractive.

We can offer our customers our exclusive private label service. We can produce handbags and accessories from our own designs and models, but with our customers' private label stamped or attached to them. We don't manufacture handbags and accessories to any other stylists' designs.
For our private label service, the minimum order is 6 items for every model selected.

Gleni offers its wholesalers a very reasonable minimum order consisting of only 10 assorted handbags (whether real python skin, cocco-ligator, or a mixed selection) to better accommodate their needs and their market policy.
The same minimum order is required also for our second line of products, professional bags, brief-cases, belts, purses and wallets, all made from 100% natural vegetable-tanned leather, available in many elegant and warm colors, which give a fashionable, elegant look to all professionals in their work-place.

You can place your complete order through our electronic catalog, via e-mail (sending us a list of all the ordered items complete with the colors and the leather you wish your handbags to be made from) or via fax, after having filled in the blanks from our electronic catalog, with your details and your complete order.

Whichever order method you choose, we will inform you via e-mail of the shipping costs to your destination, however this doesn’t mean that the order has already been made and you still have the option of modifying it or changing your mind!
After having received via e-mail the total sum payable for your order (all costs included) you can decide to confirm this order, by proceeding with the payment for your handbags or to decline it and cancel the order.
You are absolutely free to make your decision in your own time, with no obligation whatsoever.
Until the moment of payment you are free to confirm or to cancel this order.

Shipping is usually done through FedEx or DHL express couriers.

Our E-catalog is aimed at our wholesalers. If you are interested in our items and you are wholesalers, we invite you to visit our electronic catalog (E-Catalog), where you can view our wonderful handbags; you can put all the items you are interested in into your cart and save this selection (so that the next time you visit our e-catalog, you don’t have to search for the handbags you were interested in all over again, to place your order); you can ask us any question you have or you can place your order and pay directly with your credit card.

The customer must register before accessing our catalog.

Our E-Catalog shows the very best items from our collections, python handbags, cocco ligator handbags, belts of python skin or natural leather, discounted handbags and stock items.

The catalog is very easy to consult: just choose the category you are interested in and you can access an item's product specifications page which gives the item’s price, delivery time and available colors to choose from for your personalized item.

The payment, if you decide to place an order, can be made either with your credit card or, if you prefer, through a bank transfer.
You can choose the handbags, put them into your cart, and if you decide you really like them, your cart can be saved for the next time you visit our catalogue.
Any item can easily be deleted whenever you want.

When we add new items to our E-Catalog, (if you decide to activate the ALERT option to receive notification) you will automatically receive e-mails containing pictures of these new items and a description of each new item, so that all you need to do is click on the picture to view the product specs page of the item in our E-Catalog and get more detailed information about it.

You can cancel your subscription to this service whenever you want.

  • If you are a first-time visitor, you could be allowed to view a limited selection of the company's products only.
  • Select "Quick Tour" in the Navigation Bar to find out quickly how to find the Items you are interested in, as well as other important topics.
  • Select "Help" in the Navigation Bar to find out more about the many features of the Electronic Catalog.
  • Click one Product Category (found in the left column of your screen), then select the sub-Category (if any) you want to browse.
  • Use the Search Box in the upper part of your screen to run a simple or advanced Search (just enter the search term and click the Search button!).
  • The Catalog Items will be displayed in the central area of your screen: just click on one picture to enter the Item sheet.


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