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Luxury python bags
The handbag 3792 have been realized with softer and less contrasting colors in order to create a more elegant and sensual effect.

Would you like to buy a genuine python handbag but the classic color range available seems too dull for you and doesn't suit your clothes and your cool and trendy image?

Our staff has been inspired by all women who like wearing casual clothes such as jeans and T-Shirts and who want a top quality handbag that is also fashionable and, why not, fun too, and we have created especially for them a new style of python handbags called “patchwork python handbags”.

The skin used to hand-make these items is still very high quality, prestigious and extremely refined but, unlike our classic trapper python skin, whose tonality is quite natural and homogeneous, patchwork python skin is composed of many small triangular python leathers of different colors, meticulously sewn together in order to give the item itself a new dimension and a funky, innovative touch..

Buying one of our patchwork python bags, you can be sure of receiving:

  • • a very trendy and youthful product, with all the extraordinary qualities of real python skin, such as softness, prestige and resilience, at a more affordable price;
  • • a colorful and chic item which goes perfectly with many different clothes;
  • • something really innovative and exclusive which demonstrates your style and your personality, so you appear really fashionable and extremely sensual and dynamic.

You are free to choose the colors of the patchwork python skin you want your handbag made from, and, if they are available in our factory, we will be very glad to satisfy your every wish, making especially for you an item that perfectly combines the predominant colors of your clothes, so that you can always appear impeccable in every particular situation and nobody around you will be able to help admiring your look and style.
This python patchwork style, as described above, is very innovative also in price because patchwork python skin is less expensive than trapper python skin.
This advantageous price is due to the reduced wastage of python leather that, in this way, is entirely used up in the manufacture of the bag. Nothing is thrown away, so there are fewer expenses and we can make the price that much more affordable.

We were initially inspired to create this range of patchwork handbags to find a use for all the left over small pieces of python skin, which, as you know, is not only very prestigious but also very expensive, to avoid the waste both of the materials and the money they represent, and in order to conserve the environment by making the best possible use of our resources.

However, once we'd produced a few models in our new patchwork style, we immediately realized that these handbags lose nothing in comparison with trapper or indio python handbags and have their own unique character and style.

Patchwork handbags have a more dynamic touch, which goes perfectly both with a casual look and with a more elegant image and their color contrasts and combinations only enhance their trendy style.

The bag 3525 shown in the picture, has been purposely made in this style, using two contrasting colors such as black and white, so you can see the wonderful result of this process: the leather doesn’t look as if it is made up of many small colored python triangles but it seems like one piece of leather, carefully hand-painted in order to create this fabulous effect. It looks like a sort of chess-board!
Other handbags such as item 3792 or item 3767 have been made with softer and less contrasting colors in order to create a more elegant and sensual effect.


If you like original and innovative accessories to enhance your personality and style, patchwork python handbags are exactly what you are looking for; the prestige and elegance of real python skin combined with a youthful and fresh style: the perfect mix!


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