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A combination of precious leather, true creative harmony and unsurpassed craftsmanship.

We recognise the strengths of the traditional Italian leather goods sector and would like to present its treasures to those in search of a genuine, authentic and precious article.

One of our skilful craftsmen is carefully controlling the finishings of the handbag's inside

Italy is famous for its fine traditions of craftsmanship, and has been the source of countless unique masterpieces over the centuries. Today this tradition remains a valuable asset, essential for the production of luxury goods, made to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs. We aim to preserve the integrity of our Italian production, without compromising our high standards to market pressures, by employing the valuable creative strengths of our finest artisans, while maintaining a consistent quality control.

The proven experience of the leather craftsmen in the production of our goods is really important. Their traditional leather working techniques give you a glimpse of the magic of times past, when we were still free from the chains of consumerism. The final result is the creation of unique leather goods, with every detail exquisitely finished, which will last for ever.

The products which are shown here are aimed at all our customers who enjoy expressing their creativity through a new dimension.
Our fundamental principle is perfectly expressed in each special article which is lovingly conceived, designed and manufactured in Florence.
To truly understand our complete dedication to our work, take a close look at the handbags and accessories we create with meticulous precision and the finest selection of leather, and choose one of these unique items as your indispensable and faithful traveling companion.

Our common passion for the traditional and meticulous execution of every detail unites us and inspires us to search continually for new and even better solutions.

A craftsman is cutting the necessary cocco-ligator skin to realize a purse

Our ambitious undertakings are achievable thanks to the high standards of quality that we have adopted.
The life-time's experience of our Italian master craftsmen, provides a foundation for our steady progress towards new goals.

In creating our unique and exclusive handbags, we pay special attention to the rigorous selection of materials. For this reason we have chosen to specialize in exotic leather, as the most suitable material to freely express creativity and style, and we entrust its choice only to the best tanneries. This leather is above all a hallmark of life, which feels exceptional to the touch and seduces all the five senses (and can there be anything more sensual than the feeling of genuine snakeskin?).

In our choice of tanneries, we use logic and strict, uncompromising criteria in our search for the quintessential  quality and professionalism.
Moreover, the choice of colors, shapes and combinations offered by our company is unlimited. Our dedicated and passionate search for both functional and attractive solutions is materialized in our products.
The irrefutable proof of the active and vital presence of Gleni in the world is that we provide such a wide range of options, which satisfies the habits, practices, traditions and values of so many different nations.

However, our main goal is to bring genuine Italian style to the world, without compromising its fundamental principles.
So that he may contribute wholeheartedly to the design and creation of our products and make them unique, each of our workers and craftsmen, from the very start of production, must feel personally involved in the actual product itself.

A product becomes unique when all parties involved in the manufacturing process achieve a perfect balance. We know this, so each of our products combines the preciousness of the skin with real creative harmony and unsurpassable craftsmanship.

Our ability to express sincere passion for our work at all stages of production, our constant commitment to support (and follow) the many time-honoured traditions, urges us to bring our product to new customers, who don’t want an ordinary, mediocre item, but rather appreciate tradition, quality, and our constant effort to perfect the aesthetic of our products.

We recognise the strengths of the traditional Italian leather goods sector and would like to present its treasures to those in search of a genuine, authentic and precious article.


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