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Every collection presented by the most famous Italian fashion houses today includes a wide range of belts, which are now becoming a “must have” for those who enjoy following the latest fashion trends. Going perfectly with every kind of look, from casual to classic and elegant, fashion belts reign on women's 70’s style dresses, skirts and even on blazers, giving women a touch of absolute femininity and undisputed prestige.

The wardrobe of the true fashion lover is full of belts, of every color and style, each paired with a garment, each designed to supplement and enhance the style of those who wear it with pride and confidence.

Custome made fashion python leather belts

The belt is no longer seen as a lowly accessory whose function is to perform certain mundane tasks, such as keeping up a pair of trousers which are too big or to highlight a slim waist; it has become a real symbol of Italian fashion, an accessory designed to enhance not only the physical aspect but also the style and the personality of a woman. A belt tells us a lot about the nature of the person who is in front of us and helps us understand whether this person is timid or extravagant and eccentric, if she is a person who loves calm and quiet, and maybe prefers surrounding herself with simple things, or if she is a person who, lives every moment of her life to the utmost and wants to demonstrate her originality.

It is therefore extremely important to be able to choose the right accessory, which can highlight some aspects of our character without revealing the whole.

In the past, belts were usually chosen according to the color of our shoes, because it was considered de rigueur for everything to match. This rule can now be safely disobeyed. As already mentioned above, in fact, the belt is a fundamental part of our look, so we can choose whether we match or contrast it with the color of our clothes, or match it with our python leather bags or our python wallets, perhaps by ordering the complete set in the color we like most, to give ourselves the luxury of always having something really chic and innovative created exclusively for us. We could also choose to match our fashion belt with our I-pod! Why not, if we are lovers of long walks "accompanied by the sweet melody of the music."?! Or, more simply, we can create our own look, with a custom made leather belt, which expresses our personality and originality, exclusively made for us according to our needs and tastes.

How many times have you noticed men walking down the streets wearing very short belts which only just do up or, at the other end of the scale, slim men wearing very long belts which almost wrap twice around their waists?  In both cases, even if the leather was excellent or the color was wonderful, belts worn like that wouldn't provoke any feeling of admiration in those looking at them, because they look like they have been hastily thrown on without any thought or care, just used as a necessary piece of equipment rather than being thoughtfully chosen to complete their outfit.

Now men can overcome this annoying problem of finding the right length belt for them, by choosing the model and the color they like most and ordering a custom made leather belt especially to suit them and their build, deciding on the length and the width. They are free to order extra long belts or wider belts according to their personal necessities.

From now on, everybody can finally wear an exclusive, beautiful accessory, without the risk of appearing ridiculous and clumsy. On the contrary, thanks to this perfectly fitting belt, they will feel more elegant, suave and sophisticated than ever before.

A custom made leather belt is ideal for any person, man or woman, who seriously cares about their look and image and who wants to appear impeccable at all times, without spending a fortune in buying a branded accessory.  Big brands do have their place, but in terms of quality and comfort, a custom made belt from a reputable Italian maker easily equals them and has the advantage of costing much less because it doesn’t have the famous brand label.

If you would like some useful suggestions on how to choose the best fashion belts for you and for your look, and on how to have ones made on demand exclusively for you, according to your personal tastes, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or over the telephone. Our staff will be really happy to help you in this choice!


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