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Briefcases, medical bags
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Our DI BERARDINO trademark specializes in briefcases, portfolios, folders, notebooks, gifts and travel accessories as well as other small leather items.

The inherited family trade secrets, our dedication to leathercraft, attention to detail and meticulous selection of raw materials provide the best guarantee of DI BERARDINO quality.
Our company selects only natural tanners to make our leather which is hand-painted to give the effect of  natural aging and colored in warm shades. Throw in some glazed brass accessories, reliable stitching and cotton lining for good measure and you will come up with beautiful and extremely reliable Italian goods of traditional quality.

Careful craftsmanship adds elegance to a style that will never go out of fashion – something that the owner can always count on. These products are made to last. They do not fall victim to early wear – like a good wine they improve with age, since every day that passes adds a trait or two to their unique identity.

Our professional articles are completely made from genuine, natural, vegetable-tanned leather as the Certificate of Guarantee attests:

“This guarantee certifies that the leather used in this product has been processed with complete respect of both man and environment. The vegetable extracts used in the tanning are the secret of the slow and natural process, which conserves unaltered the original properties of the leather, enhancing its quality and fragrance. Its unique characteristics of softness, warmth and resilience are assured over the course of time. In the ancient heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Florence, the tanners, faithful to the traditions and values of centuries, combine the artisan's craft with technological innovation. In harmony with nature for a better quality of life. These are the principals that the Genuine Italian Vegetable - Tanned Leather Consortium defends and promotes.”

This working process happens slowly, through a series of steps which take about 30 days to transform the crude skin into a soft and prestigious leather that, over time, improves in texture and appearance.
The vegetable-tanned skin absorbs the traces of time; it ages but is never spoiled, can change in color but will never become ugly or out of style and it always preserves its beauty and its elegance.
Its main characteristics are its softness and its resilience.

Thanks to these qualities, our designers and our artisans choose this vegetable-tanned leather for their collection: a product that can be easily worked, and that allows them to fully express their creativity.

Come and visit the elegant world of Di Berardino and order the professional item which best expresses your personality!
Our range is constantly growing providing something for just about any occasion - whether you are promoting sales or giving exquisite gifts. Moreover we would be glad to produce custom-made promotional items meeting your specifications and budget.

The current version of the corporate website represents only a small fraction of our product range – please feel free to contact us for a complete catalogue, price quotation or any other additional information.

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